We are so excited about the outcome from the Fittest of the Coast - Stonger Together campaign.  THANK YOU for supporting your box and small business.  Like most things, the idea sounds so good on paper but getting participation, organization, and facilitation in place is a small part of the process.

With your help, we sold 608 total shirts.  That's $6080 + $500 to the WINNER --- TOTALING $6580 back to our Coastal CrossFit Community.  

Here are the next steps:

    1. ALL ORDERS are in and we are accepting NO order changes or Box Allocations.  If you forgot to add your box name, the proceeds will be pooled and distributed to ALL boxes that received a shirt purchase.  
    2. We are in the process of finalizing the total sales per box.  It's a fairly slow process of ensuring the numbers are correct and adding in the orders that forgot to add their code.   We are basically working off of two spreadsheets.  
    3. We will ANNOUNCE 1st and 2nd PLACE WINNERS, mid-week.  Hopefully by June 3rd.  We're so excited about this.
    4. BOX OWNERS -- for our accounting purposes -- a W-9 MUST BE FILLED OUT and completed before we can mail out your check.  Once completed, please send to  Again, this must be filled out to receive your payout.  


We are so proud to be a part of something so special and ask that you "be kind, spread love" to your neighboring boxes and community.  
 Kyle (Fittest of the Coast) and Richard and the Imagination Athletics Team



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