Revenue Share with Small Businesses

We’re all in this together and have all been impacted by events canceling, orders on hold, government shutdowns, employee lay-offs and economic uncertainty.  

The goal of Imagination Athletics is to keep printing with a full paid staff for as long as we can.  We have friends in other businesses where that isn't possible and our way of helping is by offering tees as a way to bring in some kind of revenue for your business.  There's no catch.  

We'll provide you with pics, social media images, etc that'll allow you to promote the campaign.  

There are three ways you can do this. 

1. Order shirts -- We know some of you have any amazing following, loyal customers and friends that would do anything to help your business in a time of need. The time is now.   

How?   Call us, email us -- send over what you want to order. 

Minimum of 24 pcs -  We'll print them and you sell them through your business.  The mark-up goes to your needs.  When ordering shirts in bulk, we can create a 1 color design using your business logo - no setup, no art fees.  (Must provide usable artwork)

So if you order 24 shirts and sell 24 shirts, your direct business profit is $240.  You can keep ordering as you sell out.  Please allows 3-4 days for order facilitation.  

We revenue share the order and every shirt you sell will net a $10 profit.  *Your business handles all order facilitation and distribution.  

*Order payment must be made prior to printing.

2. Social-Sell shirts -- Imagination Athletics partners with your business or community organization to help you promote, share, love and influence the sale of Be Kind, Spread Love t-shirts.  There is no risk!! 

We revenue share the sale and every shirt you sell will net a $10 profit for your business or organziation.  *Imagination Athletics handles all order facilitation and shipping.  

How? You will talk about, post it, share it, love it and drive them to the site to purchase.  Tell your family, friends, neighbors, social media followers, etc to buy a tee because proceeds will go to your business or organization.  We'll provide graphics and a "CODE" that your "following" will HAVE TO USE when purchasing.  This code will allow us to track the orders that originated from your business and allocate the appropriate funds.  If they do not use the code, your business WILL NOT get credit.    

What happens next?  Once a shirt is sold, we print it and ship it.  We'll determine an end date with you and once that day comes, we'll give you a check for the amount earned. 

 3. Print Shops - Shoot us an email and we'll send you the image files for social media, print files and you can run the same campaign using the same art or you can use the graphics as a starting point and make it fit your needs. Our goal is to "Share the Love".  We've already had shops reach out to us from across the country and Canada and they're impacting their communities.   

All we ask is that you use the revenue to "pay it forward".  What do we mean?  We hope it helps pay some bills, keep employees paid and the lights on for one more day.  We're printers and this is what we have to offer.  Be Kind - Spread Love.  

I'm a business, organization or print shop and want to do this.  What's next?

Shoot us an email or give us a call,

Give us a call M-F, 9-5 - (843) 438 4286 or (888) 347 5289. 

From there we'll go over final details.